Public Works - Road Maintenance Division

For after-hour traffic emergencies that require immediate attention (such as signs or road hazard) call (863) 773-3132

The mission of the Streets and Roads Maintenance Division is to provide for a safe and well maintained streets and roads system. The City is responsible for the repair and maintenance of over twenty (20) miles of roads and streets, as well as sidewalks and driveways that parallel and intersect them.

The division provides the best available traffic management technologies and practice to improve the quality of life in Wauchula, Florida through leadership and teamwork by caring, honest and dynamic people dedicated to excellence. The division recognizes the value and commitment of every staff member.

The Wauchula Streets and Roads Maintenance Division is responsible for various traffic-related services:

  •    Public Roadway Traffic Management
  •    Street Name and Regulatory Signs
  •    Pedestrian Crosswalks & Street Marking
  •    Traffic & Pedestrian Safety
  •    Street Sweeping
  •    Street Repairs
  •    Storm Water Basins
  •    Sealer Joint Repair
  •    Berms and Ditching
  •    Paving Operation