Public Works

THE CITY OF WAUCHULA operates a full range of utility services, including Water and Sewer, Garbage Pick-up and Disposal, and is one of the relatively few municipal entities in the State of Florida that owns and operates an electrical utility.

For further information regarding the City's Public Works operations, click on one of the links to the left. Keep in mind that, operating behind the scenes of these direct operational departments are employees who carry out tasks and duties that enable these crews to do their jobs effectively.

Electrical Distribution

At one time, the City of Wauchula operated its own power generation plant, but in recent years it has been a re-seller of electrical power that is purchased from Florida Power & Light. The Electrical Distribution Department has on staff four full-time, fully certified linemen, giving the City the capability of responding to any power outage within 30 minutes of notification. Contact City Hall for rates.

Roads and Streets

The City is responsible for the repair and maintenance of over twenty miles of roads and streets, as well as sidewalks and driveways that parallel and intersect them. To report a problem, contact City Hall.

Water and Sewer

The staff that operates and maintains the City's Water and Sewer system, and the Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants, have almost 120 years of cumulative experience in the business (an average tenure of 10.75 years). The City has at least two Water and Sewer employees on call at all times after hours, able to respond to a trouble call within 30 minutes. All this adds up to excellent, timely service. Contact City Hall for rates.

Solid Waste

The City offers a full range of solid waste disposal services, including twice weekly garbage and trash (furniture, tree limbs, etc.) pick-up. Commercial customers can choose from a range of large, tipping containers. Contact City Hall for disposal rates.

Parks and Grounds

The City of Wauchula owns and operates eight parks for its citizens. These park facilities offer varying levels of amenities. Click the above link to view a listing of the City’s parks, the amenities they offer, and photos.